Best Places to Meet Beautiful Girls in Dubai

Dubai is in the UAE, the capital city of the Dubai Emirate. Dubai is often mistaken as the Capital City of the UAE as a whole. Dubai is a global destination for expats, tourists, events, festivals, vacations, and celebrity tours. Dubai is also the most populous among all other cities in the whole UAE as well as most visited in the Middle East. It is full of tourists and visitors throughout the year.

Dubai is very unique when it comes to meeting and dating local girls. Dubai is a Muslim country and you will have a very hard time meeting local Arab or Dubai girls. There is a very small number of local girls who are liberal and Westernized in their lives and tend to hang out in local clubs, bars, and parties.

Dating in Dubai

Meeting up, dating, and hanging out with girls, especially local Dubai girls is somewhat a very uphill task given the local Islamic laws which prohibit public acts of affection and dating out of wedlock. But over the years due to globalization and economic growth, Dubai has adopted a very liberal and western approach when it comes to social atmosphere as Dubai is relying on expats and tourists for its growth and economy. You can still find girls and dating options in Dubai as Dubai is full of girls from other countries like Russia, the UK, Europe, the USA, Canada, the Philippines, Hong Kong, and other parts of the world.

Dubai is also a global destination for celebrities, social media stars and influencers, models, and escorts in particular. With such a global influx, dating and meeting girls in Dubai is imminent.

best places to meet girls in dubai

Meeting local Girls

Well, it is very apparent why dating in Dubai can be different from dating in the rest of the world. Dubai is predominantly a Muslim country and has a very traditional society at large. But with modernization and expansion, laws have been relaxed and rules are softer these days. There is a section of society where local girls are very open-minded and liberal in their approach when it comes to dating and socializing. You can meet and date them as they are into foreigners and especially Westerners.

Costing and Budget

Dubai is a luxurious destination and it can be a bit expensive to visit and stay in Dubai based on your lifestyle. Even though people from all walks of life flock to Dubai, still it can be a bit tough nut to chew when it comes to budget and expenses in Dubai. Dubai is home to the world’s tallest building Burj Al Khalifa and a lot of other skyscrapers. Dubai has the world’s only 7-star hotel Burj Al Arab. With such luxuries, prices are quite on the high end and you can expect to have a handsome budget from $ 5,000 to $ 7,000 for a 30-day visit. This includes accommodation in 5-star hotels, meals, and other attractions in the city-state like Desert safari. 

Best Dating apps for Dubai, UAE

Generally speaking, you can use any of the regular and popular dating apps and sites in Dubai like Tinder, Bumble, Badoo, Hinge, and numerous other local apps like Dubai Dating, Filipino Cupid, eharmony, Muslima, etc.

Luxury Shopping Malls and Girls in Dubai

Shopping malls are plentiful in Dubai and are one of the main attractions of the city. Both local Dubai girls and foreigners like to hang out in the malls and spend time eating, café hopping, and shopping. If you wish to meet girls and hang out with them, then these malls offer good options. Below is a list of some 8 very famous malls in Dubai where you can meet girls and hangout:

No. Shopping Mall Located At Rating
1 The Dubai Mall Financial Center Street, Along Sheikh Zayed Road, Next to Burj Khalifa – Dubai – United Arab Emirates 4.8/5
2 Mall of Emirates Sheikh Zayed Rd – Al Barsha – Al Barsha 1 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates 4.7/5



Ibn Battuta Mall

Sheikh Zayed Rd – Jebel Ali Village – Dubai – United Arab Emirates 4.6/5
4 Dubai Festival City Mall Crescent Rd – Dubai Festival City – Dubai – United Arab Emirates 4.5/5
5 City Centre Mirdif Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Rd – Mirdif – Dubai – United Arab Emirates 4.6/5



Dubai Outlet Mall

Route 66 – Al Ain – Dubai Rd – Madinat Hind 1 – Dubai Outlet Mall – Dubai – United Arab Emirates 4.2/5
7 Wafi City Oud Metha Rd – Umm Hurair 2 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates 4.2/5
8 Dubai Marina Mall Sheikh Zayed Rd – Dubai Marina – Dubai – United Arab Emirates 4.5/5

Clubs and Bars to Meet Dubai Girls

Night Clubs and Bars have started operating somewhat openly in Dubai in recent years with the influx of expats, foreign businesses, and Western tourists. Dubai is a hotspot for local and international visitors throughout the year and has plenty of hangout bars and VIP clubs where you can find girls, transsexuals, ladyboys, and shemales as well. Most of the girls, ladyboys, and transsexuals tend to be escorts working for monetary gains as well, so you have to be thoughtful about that.

  • Local Girls in Dubai Clubs and Bar
    Normally in any nightclub or bar around the world, you can find local girls to hang out or meet up or simply hook up with, but for Dubai, it’s a bit different considering the religious aspect of the locals. The majority is still religiously inclined and avoids such activities. But there is a local elite class of Dubai that is very secular and liberal in their social as well as personal lives and local girls from this class are actively visit and spend time in clubs and bars and easy to meet and approach
  • Working Girls in Dubai
    In Dubai, almost all the jobs are filled by expats except top management positions where local Emirati nationals are working in the capacity of CEO, Chairman, and other similar roles. Similarly, the bars and clubs are also owned and run by foreigners, and only non-Muslim expats are hired, especially girls from the Philippines, Russia, Eastern Europe, and the Americas are working in these clubs and bars. You can find girls from these countries, hanging out and spending their leisure time in these clubs and bars. It is very common and easy to meet both local and foreign girls in these clubs and bars.

Clubs and Bars in Dubai

These clubs and bars in Dubai are a bit expensive given the overall luxurious nature of the city as compared to other places around the globe where you can have budget clubs and bars as well. But still, Dubai offers some really good and affordable options for clubs and bars for the average visitor.

clubs and bar in dubai to meet girls

High-end luxurious Clubs and Bars in Dubai

Luxury and elitism are synonymous with Dubai and almost all the clubs and bars in Dubai are high-end where mostly elite class, celebrities, influencers, and crazy rich people love to spend time in Dubai. Here is the list of 5 best luxury clubs and bars in Dubai:

No. Luxury Clubs Located At Rating
1 BLU DUBAI V Hotel Dubai, Al Habtoor City – 260 Sheikh Zayed Rd – Dubai – United Arab Emirates 4.9/5
2 Sky 2.0 Dubai Design District – Dubai – United Arab Emirates 4.7/5
3 Ole Dubai Downtown, Souk Al Bahar – below Burj Khalifa. View Over – The Lake – Dubai – United Arab Emirates 4.8/5
4 Secret Room Dubai Address Fountain Views Hotel Ground floor – Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Blvd – Downtown Dubai – Dubai – United Arab Emirates 4.7/5
5 Armani/Privé Club


Burj Khalifa – Lobby Level, Armani Hotel – Dubai – United Arab Emirates 4.5/5

Normal Nightclubs and Bars

You can also find some budget and regular clubs and bars in Dubai which are always full of girls from Russia, the Philippines, China and other European girls where you can meet these girls and hang out with them. Here is the list of some of the budget clubs and bars in Dubai:

No. Clubs & Bar Located At Rating
1 Lock, Stock & Barrel


8th Floor, Grand Millennium Hotel Dubai – Dubai – United Arab Emirates 4.1/5
2 The Basement Sheikh Zayed Rd – Barsha Heights – Dubai – United Arab Emirates 3.9/5
3 Barasti Beach Bar Le Meridien Mina Syahi Beach Resort & Marina – Dubai Marina – Dubai – United Arab Emirates 4.2/5
4 The Irish Village Dubai Studio City – Dubai – United Arab Emirates 4.3/5

 Apart from these clubs and bars, there are plenty of private clubs, bars and parties, especially Yacht parties where you need VIP access and an invitation to be part of the part or club.

Beaches of and Meeting Girls

Another one of the primary attractions of Dubai is the beaches. All these public beaches are free. You can enjoy a very sunny day at the beaches of Dubai and meet girls there. A lot of single foreign girls are always visiting Dubai beaches to kill some time and enjoy the beautiful beaches in the middle of the Desert. Here is the list of beaches in Dubai.

No. Top Dubai Beaches Located At
1 Sunset Beach 22, Al Sagi Street, Sunset Beach, Umm Suqeim – Dubai


2 Jumeirah Public Beach (Nessnass Beach) 36 Al Nessnass Street, Jumeirah 3 – Dubai


3 Kite Beach Umm Suqeim, just off Jumeirah Beach Road


4 Black Palace Beach (AL SUFOUH BEAH) Al Sufouh Beach – Dubai


5 Al Mamzar Beach Park Al Mamzar Beach St – Al Mamzar – Dubai


nightclub and bars in miami

Dubai Nightlife and Girls

Dubai has a very colourful and vibrant nightlife offerings to both locals and visitors. There are plenty of street food options, public beach parties, miracle garden which is a flower garden that illuminates at night where girls love to visit it and take selfies and videos for their social media profiles. You can meet up with girls from different countries and hang out with them there.

Transsexuals and Ladyboys in Dubai

There are a lot of Transsexuals and Ladyboys from the Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, UK and the USA residing in Dubai. Most of these are working as Escorts but a lot of them are working in reputable jobs and are open for dating and meet-ups, hangouts and short-term relations if it floats your boat. You can easily find them in bars and clubs, on dating apps and social media websites along with some 18+ rated R dating websites.

Dating guide to meet single girls in Dubai

Dating in Dubai is not as dating in other cities across the globe as Dubai follows Islam and such activities are religiously prohibited. You have to be very mindful about following the local regulations. Meeting girls in Dubai is more discreet and a bit more private rather than open and public. You must use these bars and clubs to openly socialize and meet up with girls in Dubai.

  • How to Approach Local and Foreign Girls in Dubai?
    While it can be very hard to meet local girls and if you happen to meet local girls they are mostly into long-term relationships and marriages. You can find liberal independent women willing to share intimate time with you as well. You must be very modest and mindful when approaching local girls. Give some time to ease up and break the ice. Do not jump straight to dating and intimate approach. Local girls prefer thoughtfulness and sapiosexual approach. So be gentleman and approach with utmost respect. Other than local girls, you can find a plenty of girls from across the globe living, working and visiting Dubai. They are very open minded and easy to mingle with. Just be who you are and state your intentions and they are happy to be with you in any case as long as you have positive outlook.

Final Thoughts

Personally speaking, Dubai is a rich man’s playground and plenty of luxuries available in Dubai for those who have the power to spend. On the other hand, if you have a moderately handsome budget, you can have good time n Dubai as well. You can meet girls from different nationalities and different walks of life in Dubai. You can have the chance to meet local Dubai girls as well if that’s what you looking for. Speaking of budget, you can expect between $5,000 to $7,000 on average for a 30-day visit. This budget is to cover hotels or Airbnb, good quality food, travelling and activities in and around Dubai, leisure and extras as you may like.


Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ)


  • What do girls do in dubai?
    Girls in Dubai do what girls do everywhere else. They chill with friends, shop, grab food at cafes or restaurants, catch movies or concerts for fun, and maybe check out cool spots in the city. Dubai has a mix of old-school and modern stuff to do, so there’s something for everyone
  • Where to find indian girls in dubai?
    To meet Indian girls and make friends in Dubai, just be social. Join clubs, classes, or events where you share interests. You can also use social media or apps to connect with new people. Just be nice and friendly, and you’ll probably make some cool friends.
  • Why are girls traveling to dubai prostitution?
    Not all girls going to Dubai are doing anything wrong like prostitution. People go there for different reasons like vacation, work, or to see friends and family. Dubai is a cool place with lots of different cultures and things to do.
  • How to pick up girls in dubai?
    When you’re meeting people, like girls in Dubai, just be nice and respectful. Don’t try to pick someone up—focus on making real connections. Talk, find things you both like, and just be yourself. Go to social events, clubs, or classes to meet people in a natural way.
  • How to find filipina girls in dubai?
    To meet Filipina girls in Dubai, go to Filipino events, use online platforms, or visit places like Filipino restaurants and community centers where they hang out.



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