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In Proceedings of The 2007 Northwestern Recreation Research Symposium: 244 249. USDA Forest Service, Northern Research Station. Sevil, T. (2012). Free time and recreation: Concepts and features. In free time and recreation management. (S. Koceekchi. Ed.). T.c. University of Anadolu: Eskişehir Sparkes, A. C. (2000). Autoethnography and Narratives of Self: Reflections on Criteria in Action. Sociology of Sport Journal, 17: 21 43. Printer, H., Reisoğlu, S., and Altun, F. (2012). The relationship between the values ​​of the ethnographic researcher and the research method and the results. Journal of Life Sciences, 1 (1): 649 657 Yin, R. (1994). Case Study Research: Design and Methods (2 nd ed.). Beverly Hills, CA: Sage Publishing.

II. Recreation Research Congress 31 October 03, 2013, Kusadasi, Aydın All rights reserved. Leisure Factors: Leisure According to the participation behavior and demographic properties Introduction to the Entrance to the Entrance to the Entrance of Health Sciences, Institute of Health Sciences, Mail: (Hidden) Prof.Dr.Metin Argan Anadolu University, Besyo e Mail: (Hidden) The purpose of this study is empty Time is to reveal the differentiation status of interest factors, leisure participation behavior and demographic characteristics. The survey used for research was applied to 200 people a member of the Anadolu University Sports Center. As a result of the study, five factors have emerged as working behavior, reception services, facilities and equipment, cleaning, forms and loyalty. While there was no significant difference in the income levels of the participants, there was a significant difference in the frequency of use and a significant difference in cleaning factors. Keywords: Leisure, recreation, interest, leisure time, leisure behavior, leisure time is a period of time to listen to the daily of the individuals, in line with their wishes and interests in accordance with their wishes and interests in accordance with their work. Karakmük, 1999: 38). In this time period, the interests of individuals are varied to individuals according to their needs and personal values. In other words, the level of interest may be different to the activities that are subject to each individual’s recreation. This situation also points to the subject of interest. It will also provide the methods and strategies to be known and / or determining the interests on the leisure time activities that individuals participate. In this respect, individuals are interested and the subject of depth and intensity in the participation of activities that become reclirative activity will be the subject of interest. The papers 285 has managed to collect fans among leisure and recreation researchers in the last decade, including consumer behavior literature in the literature of consumer behaviors (Jamrozy et al., 1996: 909 910). The interest is to see the information as the motivation in processing. When the consumer tries to determine what will satisfy the need, it will be motivated to process and be attentive to their purpose (Odabaşı, 1998: 60). The intensity of the effort they show when consumers buy products are different.

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